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                  HOTEL 5000 has been designed to maximize ease of use, flexibility, security, and functionality. 


--- HOTEL 5000 is an investment not an expense.---


                                    Everything is designed to facilitate learning for new employees.

Ease of Use             

We use the latest available technology - colors, windows to code fields, on-line help, and error capturing. Hotel 5000 uses point and click buttons for easy training and hot keys for more advanced use.  We have included on line training  training, thereby keeping training costs at a minimum.


We have found that the product learning curve is extremely small again providing extensive savings.


No codes need to be memorized!    


The flexibility of the product becomes very apparent during the set up process.    All parameters are set to the needs of your property and are user defined, ranging from traveler types used to track marketing and sales, to cost centers used to track financial transactions.


In addition configuration options controlling input are adjusted depending on your needs.  


Custom requirements can be added at low cost.


  Security               Security is an important feature of our product.

Each person using the system is assigned a password and user ID.  This unique combination is used to control access into preset tasks and functions.      


We also track clerk activity to monitor responsibility for transactions.


Functionality is the ability to efficiently get the job done.  Towards this end Hotel 5000 Front Desk is designed so that once you know one part, you can easily understand the others.   Using a mouse is not required but it makes it easier for new users.


Extensive reports are included in HOTEL 5000 that give you the information you need quickly and easily.


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