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The Reservation module allows the user to book a guest or group for years in advance.  When booking, the user assigns a guest to a type of room and may block a specific room or rooms.    HOTEL 5000 is set up to handle the year 2000 and beyond.


If needed, you may have a room defined as its own separate room type to allow for the unique needs of your hotel.  Examples of room types are King room or Single room.


The number of rooms is not limited.  Rooms can have names instead of numbers  

to identify them.

Package Plans

                                                The system, in addition to allowing for room types, also allows for up to 10 different board arrangements.  The rates and structures can be different for each plan.    During the Night Audit the system automatically allocates package plans revenues to the designated cost centers.     


Marketing Tools

There can also be a number of user defined traveler types and reservation sources, such as business guests, convention guests, and vacationing guests.  The system will provide a breakdown by traveler types, enabling promotional efforts to be directed to the correct groups.                 


Advertising and promotional tracking


As reservations are taken information is collected on what stimulated the customer to call.  Management can use this information to evaluate marketing efforts and make appropriate changes.




From the New Reservation screen you may also bring up complete availability listings by reservation type whether guaranteed or not and all agent information.  The system will automatically display on the screen any detection of overbooking.  The system can be set to allow or not allow over booking.


The default deposit amount for a reservation comes up automatically as does the default due date.   The deposit amount and the due date can be overridden if desired.   HOTEL 5000 provides for guaranteed confirmation slips to be sent to the guest.


Confirmation slips may be printed  by arrival date or between any two given reservation numbers.  The slips are designed to fit into a windowed envelope or you can generate a confirmation letter instead. 


Upon receipt of a deposit the system opens a folio for the group or guest and automatically transfers the balance to the guest ledger during check-in.  The system tracks and flags all partial or late deposits.   

Calculation of rates


                                    The rate calculation capabilities of HOTEL 5000 are very strong.


                                    When making a reservation the clerk may use the automatic rate calculation 

                                    feature.  The clerk may also request the projected total cost of the stay including     

                                    tax.  If  clerks do not assign a calculated rate and try to over-ride a predetermined 

                                    rate,  they must enter an over ride code.   In addition the reservation and who took 

                                    it will be reported in our Special Rates Report.


                                    Special Rates Report is produced outlining all reservations that have other than a     

                                    system calculated rate and the clerk's name. 


                                    Rates are based on the room type, the date, the number of adults and / or 

                                    children and the Board type selected.   Extra features ordered for  a room like a cot 

                                    can also be set to add to the rate..


   .                                Rates can be set up to be different for every day of the year if you want.  


                                    You can have hundreds of rates in the system and they all can be set up in patterns 

                                    that are different.  


                                    We call this PERIODIC BILLING.   HOTEL 5000  will post the charges you as 

                                    you want them.


                                    Perhaps you want the entire period charged on the first day of the stay period.  


                                    For example if you wish to bill a week on the first day of a stay, it will do it.   

                                    The rate, if set that way, will not charge again until the 8th day of

                                    the stay.


                                    You can also set a rate code to provide for a free night or nights if you wish.


                                    For instance you may run a promotion that says stay 6 nights and the seventh night is 

                                    free.  The system will do it.   Or you might set the promotion to  stay for 5 days and 

                                    get two nights free.  The system can do that too.   


                                    The system can be set so that the whole promotion has a start and stop date and

                                    keep track of that as well.  This will prevent your clerks from making errors an 

                                    offering the promotion after it has expired or before it starts.


                                    Check out early and the system bills the full day rate with no reductions.




                                   Hotel 5000 provides strong group functions.  All groups are handled from one 

                                    screen.  You may have groups where each individual is responsible for their own bill

                                    or a group where the room and tax go directly to the account of the group.


                                   You can vary the stay of each individual with in the group.  People do not need to 

                                    arrive and depart on the same day and yet the accounting is handled within the group.


                                   A list on people can be attached to the group and the room assigned.  You can have as 

                                    many people assigned to a room as the reservation allows.   If you run cabins this is very 

                                    helpful.  For instance you can have 1 responsible adult and 5 children in a room..


                                   You can control meal sales as well for the group.  This includes the cost of the meal and

                                    menu selection.  You can assign as many meals as you wish per day to cover snacks  

                                    and other offerings you may be providing the group.


                                   All of this is controlled from the group master reservation screen.  This includes 

                                    pre-assigning rooms, changing individual remarks and information for group members. Even 

                                    rates can be changed for the individual members of the group.






Guest History

Guest History interacts with the new reservation screen.  When a guest is making a reservation the operator may look up the history of all prior stays which includes the  room numbers and any relevant comments.  The guest's name and address are automatically transferred to the reservation screen. 


The user may query reservations on the name, a partial name, the arrival and departure date, or the travel agent.   A total occupancy forecast for a given date, week or month is also viewable. 

Travel agents/Tour operators 


Hotel 5000 provides for tracking one commissioned booking per reservation, with a record of a second. Each agent is assigned its specific commission rate.  Tour operators are recorded with a zero commission rate.  Sales calls and comments can be recorded in the system.  This allows you to track your marketing so that when a customer calls all needed information will be at hand. 


Hotel 5000 tracks room allocations to travel agents and tour operators.  

Year 2000 

and beyond 


                                    We wrote HOTEL 5000 with the year 2000 and beyond in mind.  .



INTERNET         Please speak with us about your internet needs.  We 

                                    are very flexible and Custom programming is available. 





Some key Reservation reports include:         


       o 10 Day Forecast.   Shows total number of rooms reserved.


       o Arrivals  Report.   Lists  arriving  guests, their  room type, departure date, and travel agent.


       o Departure Report.  Lists departing guests, their arrival  date, room number and agent.


       o Monthly Traveler Forecast. This breaks down arrivals for a month by traveler type. 


o Monthly Room Forecast. Lists room occupancy for each day by room type.   It shows   

          over-bookings and   under-bookings for  each day of the month.   If room blocking is  used  

          on all reservations, then this report can duplicate the tape board used in many manual    



       o Yearly  Summary  Report.  Gives overall  picture  of the reservation forecast for the entire      

          year ahead.


o Presence List.  Lists guests that are due to be  staying on any particular night.   Used to

          check for over-bookings.


       o New/Changed/Deleted Reservations.  Useful to review reservations activity.


       o Arrivals by Agent.


       o Agent Performance Report.


       o Open Deposits.    Deposits that are expected but not necessarily late.


       o Paid Deposits.


       o Pre-Registration Cards.  To be signed by guest on  arrival at the front desk.


       o Confirmation Slips.    Ask us about linking these to Microsoft Word Documents so that you can design  

          your own forms.   


       o Confirmation Letters.  Ask us about linking these to Microsoft Word Documents so that you can design 

          your own forms.



 Emailing of information can also be set up for confirmations.



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