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In order to provide employees with a better life style and to meet the needs of maximizing the use of employee time and to improve the use of real estate space, the concept of the virtual office is becoming a reality .   The advent of the laptop computer, the growth of email and the ability to centralize files electronically has made it possible for the modern corporation to implement a virtual office environment.  Now it is time to start to maximize the use of your office to increase productivity and to reduce unneeded overhead.


We call this concept, Just in Time Rooms (JIT) or Hoteling or Office Room Management.




If your company has 30% of its people out of the office at any given point in time, then you could be saving as much as 30% of your real estate space needs and the related dollars. People could be out working at customer sites or working from home and saving commuting time.


In addition through "Just in Time Rooms" you can actually provide better space to your employee when required and lesser space when that is all that is required.  This provides a better group of services to your employees and increases the productivity of the office and improves your image with your customers.  Just think --- your typical sales person can use a windowed office when he is having clients in, without tying up a conference room.  And for those days when the employee only needs a phone and a network connection, the proper space can be provided.


For those who still need a specific office space assigned,  our concept still embraces them.  It will automatically put a person in a permanent room assignment when needed.   It will even automatically make reservations for those people, so they do not have to be concerned about it.


The Innes System is designed to support the function of reserving and allocating space and the services related to using space in the office.



Our goal is to increase productivity and increase the rate of return on the office space you have.  The software achieves  this in the following ways: 


Productivity is improved by insuring that all available office space is made easily accessible to employees.  Keeping employees in the same office for the duration of their continuous stay.  The system will automatically continue them in the office when they make a new reservation for the same room type in successive days.


            Productivity is improved by tracking the use of space back to specific projects.


Productivity is improved by providing connectivity between the various services that are needed to properly support the office environment on a timely basis.


            Productivity is improved because you can easily track your space and its use.


Productivity is increased because you can easily  find your people.


Productivity is also improved because the software is easily maintained.   Our software is stabile and our data integrity stands up well.   We have been running our software for over 4 years in the field.

What does the INNES system track?


The INNES system tracks large amounts of data and works with complex needs.


The INNES system tracks large employee files. 


These employee files can be created on our system or they can be created through interconnecting to other employee databases you may have.  The employee files are used by us to automatically aiding in verification,  usage tracking and related employee information.  The file can also contain information on specific default room assignments for specific employees.  Employee specific remarks can also be saved here.  Phone numbers, position in the firm and home office locations are also part of this information.


The INNES system tracks rooms not only by the day but the time period as well.


Rooms are provided for in segments of a day or the entire day.    We currently use 8- 10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4, 4-6, NT (night time) as the time segments for office space.  These time segments can be varied depending on needs of specific locations.


Our new conference room software features allow for reservations for specific time of use.  This means that if a room is needed for only 22 minutes, you can make a reservation for only 22 minutes.   See the separate information under conference room software


The INNES system tracks equipment requests.


Special requests and long lists of equipment requests can also be made as part of the reservation.  Equipment requests can be routine items like flip charts and overhead projectors or they can be unique for this reservation only.  Effectively the reservation provides for a work order to be composed as part of the reservation.


Fulfillment reports are generated from these requests for staff completion. 


The INNES system tracks food and catering requests.


Detailed food requirements are also part of the reservation process.   We can provide for the ordering of  approved menu items from specific vendors. This would need to be customized to your needs.   Food orders can also be unrestricted.


The INNES system tracks additional special requests.


We provide for recording the need to move files or other special requests as part of the reservation process.   It also can provide for information on how a room should be set up and other configuration needs.

The INNES system tracks room reservations with a great deal of flexibility.


Reservations are made by room type.  Room types are used to identify rooms that are exactly the same  or  close enough to be functionally the same.  The system allows for a practically unlimited number of room types. 


As most people want to be located near other members of their working group, our system is designed to make reservations to specific floors or other area definitions you might  have.   A reservation can be made for any individual to any floor or room that you may want to use.


Availability and other information is also viewed based on a floor/ area basis.  In  the reservation process this information is automatically shown.   This saves the reservationist time as they do not have to sort data to get to the information they need.

The INNES system maintains a detailed history of stays including the room numbers and all the specific information of that stay.   This aids in tracking services as well as finding out who might have left an umbrella in the room.


The INNES system tracks specific  room assignments (blocking) and special treatment for permanently assigned rooms.


Every reservation reserves the type of room that is needed for that person to do their job.  This can be a conference room or a study area or a phone space for a fast visit to the office.   This insures the person gets the type of room they need.


The system allows for assigning a specific room number to a reservation when it is needed.  Specific room blocking can be done directly by the reservation clerk.


We generally do not recommend  blocking office rooms as this gives the system maximum flexibility to fully utilize your space.  But we all know there are times when location is important for getting a job done.   Conference room reservations are always done for a specific room number.  While conference rooms can be handled in our office room format, we recommend using our conference room software for that purpose.   Our conference room software integrates into our office software so that you have one package handling both needs.


In an office you frequently have people who are permanently assigned to a specific room number and need this room for their work.  In some cases senior executives need a room that is always theirs when they come to the office.  Both of these groups may be happy to let others use the space when they are out.  Our software is set up to handle this.


If a person needs to be moved from one room to another, a report is printed to alert the reservation staff to the situation, the day before.  This enables the handling of the move to be done with a minimum of disruption.


The system also allows for two or more people to have preference for the same room.  If one of them has already booked it, then the other is informed that they will be using a different room for that day.



            Reservations in an office are not handled like reservations in a hotel.  A hotel  makes a reservation for a period extending over continuous days for a room.


Our system allows for the fine tuning of the days within a stay.  This covers making adjustments or cancellations for any day in a master reservation without impacting the other days.


            This is VERY POWERFUL so let us repeat this for emphasis.   For example, you can make a reservation for someone covering a whole month.  The system makes due record of the reservation.  Then during the course of the stay or before the stay even starts, you can make adjustments to individual day reservations to reflect changing  employee schedules and needs without impacting other days and time periods.


Obviously this will help you to maximize the use of space.  Permanent offices  now become useful for others when the primary user frees them for use.


The INNES system tracks specific information about the person in the reservation.


            This information includes employee number, a designated street, city, ZIP and other address information.   We have relevant project code information, tie-ins to specific accounting areas, market units,  contact phone numbers and  administrative assistant names and home base information. 

The INNES system provides Security features.   


            Login and Passwords provide you with the ability to allow access and capabilities to your staff      based on what you wish the individual to be able to do.


The INNES system provides reports and custom reports to meet your needs.


            The  system provides action reports such as those for equipment or food orders.


The system provides reports so that people can find room assignments even in a power failure.   Front desk reports also help staff organize for the next day.


            We provide data in reports so that you can look at operations in an organized way.   Some          

             these reports are:


                        Arrival reports for any single day or for any date period you choose.


                        Arrival reports that include Extras, Equipment or Food requirements for                                     any day or range of days.


                        Specific food and equipment reports for action by the proper parties.


                        Housekeeping reports


                        Availability reports


                         History reports


Monthly forecast reports




          The INNES SYSTEM is designed to be an integral part of the office.  It is designed so that we can interface the applicable employee data from HR.


            We also provide for interfacing phone systems which we can use to indicate if a person has not yet come in to the office, or if they are in or if they have left.   In addition we can provide information as to a local number that an individual is using as well as their permanent number.




            We have available Kiosk software so for our reservation system.  People can go up to these stations and find out what room someone is in base on a last name search..   If you want them to, the Kiosk will also let them get a room for today's date.  This takes care of those people who come in early in the morning before the  staff comes in.



          As the Web becomes more important for obtaining information, we feel providing information on your web site as to the location of people becomes very useful.  This type of information is usually provided on Intranets (Internal nets) but it could be released in any form you might need.   The Web provides a good way for people to verify that their space reservations have been properly handled including the equipment and food requirements.


 When this software is combined with our conference room software, you have a powerful integrated solution for handling your property.



                                    People Count.


The working interface between INNES  software and your staff is designed for ease of use and fast training.


            All screens function with the same key stroke patterns.


Nothing needs to be memorized.  The system uses pop up windows to present choices or to perform look ups when needed.   Then you just move the cursor and make your selection and it automatically transfers back to the main screen.


We have a unique individual employee approach so that all reservations for an employee are brought up on screen together.  This makes for rapid question answering.  Perhaps more exciting is the ability to modify all of a specific employees reservations from one master screen.  Effectively reducing keystrokes and time significantly. 


            In addition look up only screens are available for those who need to verify things are done right, yet do not need to actually make entries.   Executive administrators  would fall in to this category.


TRAINING is very important.  We believe in the train the trainer program.  When the system is first installed we will come to your site and do all the training.   When we leave your people will be able to support the training others.   


Our software runs on networks like Novell  or Microsoft NT.  It can also be customized to run in many other platforms if needed.  



An important point that needs to be stressed.


INNES SYSTEMS Software is designed to be CUSTOMIZED to meet your specific needs.


            We look forward to speaking with you about your special needs and also to give you more information about our system than can be provided by this short overview.



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