Assisted Living version of HOTEL 5000.


Assisted living is provided for in a  special version of our Hotel 5000 product.

It is designed so that you can use all the features of Hotel 5000 and yet it is customized for the specialized needs of assisted living establishments..

Assisted living places need the features of a full hotel system yet they have very special requirements for billing.

Daily charges and receipts  can be posted every day so that your accounts receivable are always up to date and current.

The Assisted Living version of HOTEL 5000  is designed to bill for space on a monthly basis.   These bills can be prepared and sent ahead of the due date.  This means you control when the charges for next month are applied and you control when the bill will be sent. 

The rent can be charged based on a daily rate or a flat monthly rate.  If the rate is on a daily basis, the system will bill based on the number of days in the specific month.   If a monthly flat rate is used the bill will reflect the same amount regardless of the length of the month.

In addition the system will automatically bill other monthly fixed fee charges that may be assigned to a specific individual or room.  This might be a flat fee for phone service or a maid fee as an example.

The Assisted Living version of Hotel 5000 provides for advanced bill handling.

You can have the bills go to the individual in the room or they can be sent to a responsible party for the room.    The bills for a room can even be split between different responsible parties with the billing ledger items assigned to the proper paying party. 


As the product is a special version of HOTEL 5000 it supports all the interfaces including Point of sales for Barber shops, gift shops and meal plan counting.

The touch screen POS makes it very easy for non trained people to use.

Medical station interfacing is something that we can discuss with you.

You can also get interfaces to phone systems in order to automate phone calls being automatically posted to the room.

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