This exciting software provides for handling the needs of conferences and meetings.   It provides not only for making reservations for the exact amount of time required, but also for all the equipment and catering needs that are needed to support the meeting.

When we say the meeting can be for all day or an exact portion of a day, that is what we mean.  We provide for one minute intervals and yet we use only one line on the screen for each reservation. This allow you to get the maximum utilization of your conference rooms.


We have a wonderful, easy to use screen.  It enables both the easy look up of information and fast and efficient input of data.  From this one screen you can look at your reservations, make modifications or cancel reservations.

The screen is designed so that you can work with even a large number of rooms. 

With simple key strokes, you can sort the information in many ways including by size of room, location of room, event name, person’s name that has the reservation, type of room, by room and dates or dates.   You can sort the screen to show only empty room space or only taken space.  These sorts can be done based on a composite selection of many of the above parameters at the same time.


The screens are designed to maximize the data shown on screen.   A room reservation regardless of the length only takes one line on the screen to show.  This makes it very easy to show lots of reservations on one screen.   Our screens also use color keys to help make the information clear.  Modifying equipment or catering or other information is a simple thing to do.  All one needs to do is select the relevant reservation and then clicking a button to add the needed information.

We also support replicating the reservation for a room to cover repeating a new reservation or one from history.

This includes days in a row and ALSO particular dating such as every 7 days or the first Tuesday of the month.


Our software supports detailed work orders.  Each reservation can have separate work orders for food, equipment and other support equipment.   Routine equipment by quantity needed is also provided as a separate category.

This replication can include food orders and equipment requirements and room set up needs or not, depending on the your customer needs.

Innes Conference room software is fully integrated with our hoteling “Just In Time Rooms” system.

The hoteling screens that show office room reservations for an individual also show the conference room reservations for that person.  From those screens you can click to change any of a persons reservations.  

This product is available stand alone or integrated with our Hoteling software or our Hotel software.

This is true multi-user software that updates the data in real time so that all know correctly what is available or taken.

Stated in different terms, your team can take reservations, modify reservations or cancel reservations from many different locations at the same time and have the other team members aware of the information as soon as a change is completed. 

This software can be linked to Public workstations (kiosks) so that quests can see where a meeting is being held. 

The food and catering requests are also handled for the meetings.  This makes it easy to centralize food purchases and it also makes it easy to be sure the correct order goes to the correct place.

We also provide for the recording the equipment needs for the meeting.  This covers routine items as well as special requests.   Instructions for room layout can also be put in as part of the reservation request.

Reports are provided for the people who need to fulfill the requests and set up the rooms.  These reports provide an easy and sure way to meet the needs of the meeting with less errors and problems.   Supervision also becomes easier.



Our Conference room software also tracks the history of space usage so that you can see who was in the space.   This is useful in case of a lost article left by a participant or from a reporting standpoint for billing or other purpose.

This makes selecting rooms for longer term projects or for multiple days an easy process.

Interfaces for employee databases and to track job cost codes can also be provided.

Printed reports are provided as part of the system.


Using the WEB, your employees can make requests for space anytime they need to.  The requests will be processed based on your needs and requirements.  They could be processed by human review or in an automated way.  For conference rooms we find most firms want to use a human review.

Also using the WEB, people can look up the location of any meeting location or date.   You control which reservations are posted on the WEB, and which are not.

If you have special or unique requirements,  our custom programming  service is available to meet your  specific needs.

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