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                                    FRONT DESK


                                                                Reception and Billing


Reception is for checking a guest in and out of the hotel.  It links all the information from the reservation to the check in process.  It also provides for walk in guests and other services that may be needed by the guest. 



Room Assignment

When assigning a room, the clerk has the option of opening a window that displays all available rooms of a particular type.  If a room is already occupied, the occupying guest's name appears at the bottom of the screen.  You can move guests from one room to another directly on this display.  It will allow for putting multiple guests into the same room.   There is a separate folio maintained for each of the guests.   Up to 4 guests may be in each room with 3 folios for each guest. 

 Group check-in

The other option for group check-in is to use   the quick check-in menu item.  Here all the clerk does is assign a room and type the  guest's name.  Groups can be assigned rooms before check in. Check in for groups can be done with one button for all members arriving on today's date.  Yes, group members can be set up to arrive and depart on different dates and still be part of the group.

Multiple folios

Hotel 5000 provides for three folios per guest. The three folios are: a main bill, extra bill and special bill.    When the desk clerk is inputting transactions, he or she may assign them to one of the three bills.  Each room can have  four guests each with three bills.

Collecting the whole stay at check-in


The clerk may also enter prepayments directly  on the check-in screen.  Short stays will be  automatically calculated including tax so that the clerk may request the correct amount at the time of check-in. The system can be set to collect the whole stay at check in less any deposit paid.  Perfect for destination hotels or  hotels with cash paying guests.

Hot keys 

Hot keys provide for jumping from one screen to another and then returning to where you were prior to the jump.  For example you can be posting bills and get a call to look up a guest’s room number.  With hot keys you press the appropriate key which brings up the list of guests and their room numbers, then after using this information, HOTEL 5000 brings you back exactly where you were in the posting process.

Room Transfer

                                                Another option that is standard with the Reception Module is the ability to easily  transfer rooms.  The only limitation to transferring is when the new room is already full, is out of order, or is not clean.  After a guest checks out the rooms are posted as dirty until housekeeping up dates the computer.


 Billing for rooms, off site accounts and tracking taxes

The Billing Module is a very strong part of the system.  It allows for any type of situation  that may come up in a hotel.  HOTEL 5000  defines transactions in terms of cost centers (ledger headings)


Rates are charged in the system depending on the reservation selections or walk in selections.

See the reservation section Calculations of Rates for more information.


There may be 180 cost centers defined for the hotel.  A cost center may be defined as either  a cash or revenue center.   Cost centers are designed to tie to a General Ledger account.  


For example,  a  restaurant in the hotel would be defined as a  revenue  center whereas, the credit cards, used for payment, are defined as cash centers. 

Corrections made on a customer's guest folio can be made to not show on the print out given the guest.   This makes the bill more cosmetically pleasing.


Hotel 5000 provides for billing to accounts, companies and other organizations.                


They can be billed for services directly or you can transfer room charges to the    

account holder for future billing.


                                                Each cost center may include up to 7 associated taxes.  These may be expressed as a percentage or a flat fee.  Taxes may be set up to be automatically posted with a charge or as a secondary posting, at the discretion of the user.             

Night Audit

The room charges and taxes are automatically posted when running the Night Audit Report.  We also provide for automatic billing of other charges, which are made every day.  This could be valet parking as an example.  The other charges may be posted to one of the three types of bills at anytime before or during checkout.  Any of the cost centers may be debited or credited.  For example, if a   guest prepays  all  room  expenses or a portion  thereof, the main cost  center will be credited   for that amount, and the final bill will reflect the prepaid amount in a line item.                   


Telephone charges will also appear on the bill as itemized expenses.  Hotel 5000 does interface to call accounting systems and will update each guest's folio with all outstanding  phone calls before they check-out.


We now have a full call accounting module which connects directly to the SMDR port on the phone switch.  This can save you money in connecting for new phone installations.


Our credit card interface handles all the major service providers and the cards they support.

 Other Interfaces

HOTEL 5000 can also interface to Television Systems, Energy Control Systems and Restaurant Systems and Point of Sale Systems and other systems as well.  General Ledger interfaces can also be provided.  Ask us about your specific needs. 

                                    We also have available a separate module for Point of sales.

                                   The POS touch screen  based  program is designed for snack bars and ,                                  barbershops and news stands.


Reception and Billing key reports include:


  o  Departures List.


     o  Special  Rates Report.   Provides a listing of guests  who have either a special, or   

         complimentary rate.


o  Guest List.   Lists all guests staying in the hotel, their  room numbers, departure dates, and 

    board arrangements.


o  Night  Clerk's Report.    Is  an  extensive report giving all guest folios, room and board

    distributions,  and total revenues.


     o  Rooming List.  Lists occupants for each of the rooms.


     o  Board Arrangement List.  All present board arrangements.


     o  Housekeeping Report.  Shows the status of each room.


     o  Group  Analysis  Report.   Gives  a summary  of  all  data  pertaining to groups staying in

         the hotel.


o  Guests/Groups/Account Holders.  Lists the transactions and balances for all guests, groups

     and account holders.


     o  State  of  Accounts  Report.   Crucial to  have  for  bill preparation if the computer goes



o  Shift  Closing  Report.   Lists all  transactions  entered during a shift, according to cost 

    centers, giving  all shift totals.


     o  End  of Day Procedure.   This is your night audit  report.   This automatically posts all

         room charges.


o  Transaction  Log.   All transactions, for a given day, and  shift are printed in the order they

    were entered.


     o  Credit  Limit  Report.   Provides a list  of  all  guests,  groups, and account holders whose

         balances are above their assigned credit limits.


     o  Cost  Center Analysis.   Prints all the revenues  for  the cost centers.   Totals are split into

         totals per week, per month, per year.


     o  Cost Center List.  Gives all relevant information for  all of the hotels cost centers.


     o   Overstaying Guests and Groups.




Hotel  5000  comes  with  yield  management  features  built   in standard.  Using the revenue enhancing capability is just one way HOTEL 5000 pays for itself.


Demand Rate Structure 



Rates are set in the system using a dual coding.

The  first code is used for the rate type.  The second code is a demand code.  


Using the demand code the manager can rapidly change the rate  structure by simply telling the clerks what the correct code for the period should be.  The rates can be all preset in the system so switching rates is not difficult  at the time of reservation.  Working in combination with the forecast reports the manager can make intelligent decisions on what  demand is and what rate structure to use. 


In the reservation program we provide a date sensitive message that is put in the system by the manager.  In this manner the rate code for a given date or period is advised to the reservationist at the time of taking the reservation.  The demand code is different from a season rate that is maintained separately in the HOTEL 5000 software.  Season rates are automatically changed based on the date. 







The Internet is rapidly increasing in importance for commercial endeavors.


Web technology is not easy as security issues particularly add to the complexity of a commercial site for hotels.  

We are currently developing web sites and you may like talk to us about your needs.  These can provide integrated data transfers between Hotel 5000 and a web server.


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